It’s no secret, murals make our neighbourhoods beautiful! They add colour to buildings, walls and streets that would otherwise go unnoticed, which is a treat for locals and tourists alike. Murals are now considered one of the top tourist attractions that travellers look for, with public art installations being a major drawcard for many small and remote towns.

With over six years experence in creating unique, boldly colouful and highly engaging murals, you can say that public art truely is one of Lavinia's passions. 

Lavinia extends this passion for public art into the community and schools by holding mural workshops where community members and youth are activly involved in the design and painting process.

Check out the images below of some of her beautiful masterpieces all across the top end of Australia!

Her love of public art is as strong as her love of travel, so if you would like Lavinia to work on a mural in your town or school, no matter how remote it may be, Lavinia's your artist!

Cardwell Mural by Lavinia Letheby

Mission Beach Cassowary Mural By Lavinia Letheby

South Mission Beach Mural by Lavinia Letheby
South Mission Mural by Lavinia Letheby
Palm Cove Mural by Lavinia Letheby
Cardwell Bakery Mural by Lavinia Letheby
Lorikeet mural by Lavinia Letheby
toucan mural by lavinia letheby
Cardwell Spa Pools mural Lavinia Letheby
Pindi Pindi State School mural Lavinia Letheby
Kennedy School Mural Lavinia Letheby

Lucinda Mural LAvinia Letheby
PLELucinda Mural Lavinia LethebyLucinda Mural lavinia LethebyLucinda Mural Lavinia LethebyLucinda Mural lavinia LethebyElArish School Mural Lavinia LethebyMission Beach Mural lavinia Letheby CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM FOR MORE PHOTOS AND MORE PROJECTS.